1941 - Wendling Printing Company Founded

Howard Wendling and family form Wendling Printing Company in the dining room of their home in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

1957 - Wendling Printing Company Moves

Wendling Printing Company moves from Fort Thomas to our current location at 111 Beech Street, Newport, Kentucky.

1979 - Installation of 5-Color Press

Wendling Printing installs one of the first five-color presses in the region, allowing us to offer the capability to print five colors in-line and also showcasing the advantages of “bump” color.

1989 - President Named

Hal M. Wendling named president of Wendling Printing Company.

1990 - Installation of 7-Color Press

Wendling Printing becomes the first printer in the area to install a seven-color sheetfed press, further enhancing the benefits of in-line “bump” colors for the most critical of color matches.

1992 - Working with the environment

Many years before regulatory guidelines were established to eradicate the use of environmentally hazardous chemicals, we initiated measures to switch to more “environmentally friendly” processes and chemistries in our plant. Although used by many of our competitors, older chemistries, such as alcohol-based press fountain solutions, decrease production expenses by alleviating various problems that may arise throughout the printing process. Wendling Printing proactively chose to remove the older inks and chemistries, and opted to use more environmentally friendly soy-based inks and accompanying chemistry. Although this switch was initially met with increased operating expenses, we regard our decision as invaluable in the effort to promote healthier work places and a better environment for future generations.

1993 -  Introduction of a Seven-Unit Half Web

Wendling Printing adds to its capabilities by installing a half-web press.  The web press enables us to print 14 colors in one pass (seven colors over seven colors) with the additional flexibility to fold the printed sheets in-line.

1994 - Introduction of Waterless Press

Wendling Printing introduces one of the first waterless presses in the Cincinnati area.

1999 - Advances in Electronic Pre-Press

CTP (Computer-To-Plate) replaces the traditional methods of platemaking, and we continue to advance in all technological aspects of information and production management.

2001 - Addition of Six-Color Press

The installation of a six-color forty-inch sheetfed press brings with it the capability to do in-line ultra violet (UV) coating.

2002 - Enhancing our “one-stop shopping” approach

Wendling Printing installs a state-of-the-art mailing facility. Our customers further benefit from our expertise with planning mailings and understanding complex postal regulations—the results of which include successful mailings and greater postal savings.

2003 - Certification from the Forest Stewardship Council

In May of 2003, Wendling Printing becomes the third printer in the United States to receive the Chain-of-Custody certification (COC) from SmartWood for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards. The COC certification enables us to use the FSC logo and trademark as an endorsement that we are using FSC approved papers and products, and are following the rules set-forth by the FSC. The FSC standards encourage environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests. FSC’s principles and criteria are the basis for defining responsible forestry and for evaluating and accrediting certifiers. Consumers purchasing products bearing the FSC label are assured that wood products come from a forest that has been managed to FSC standards. The COC tracking system follows the distribution of wood and paper from a certified forest to the end-use and final product. Chiquita Brands International has been working with us in utilizing FSC standards in both their Annual Report and Corporate Responsibility literature.

2003 - Membership in The Consortium

Wendling Printing becomes a member of The Consortium, an alliance of companies engaged in the production of point-of-purchase displays for local and national clients.

2004 - Another Improvement in Our Production Capabilities

2004 sees the addition of a 40-inch five-color sheetfed press with in-line coating to further enhance our capabilities and improve our responsiveness.

2006 - Conversion to Staccato

In January of 2006, Wendling Printing converts from traditional rosette dot screening to Staccato screening, a unique implementation from Creo of second-order stochastic screening. Tiny microdots, in a pseudo-random pattern eliminate rosettes, moiré and physical dot gain, and allow for smoother screened color builds and vignettes. Staccato is proven to increase detail, expand the color gamut and improve fidelity in photos, line art and type.

Introducing Digital Printing

Installation of the IKON CPP 650, the latest in a series of private-label color products and systems developed with Konica Minolta, EFI and Kodak.  This full-color digital press combines powerful finishing capabilities with high-quality, high-speed color output.  It features static and variable data versioning capability and new customizable "storefront" options to make one-to-one marketing a reality.